Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Would You Bring if Your House was Burning Down?

If my house were to be burning down I would grab the things that mean the most to me.  In this picture I have my stuffed animal, "Scratching Teddy" that I was unable to do anything without when I was younger.  I think that I would take Scratching Teddy because he is a good reminder of the past and has a lot of value to me.  Another thing that I would take is a picture of me and my sister visiting Lake George, New York.  I would bring that because we have been going there almost every year with our family, some family friends, and my godparents.  I think that the picture of me and my sister is another reminder of the past and the memory of all of our trips.  The last thing in my picture is a photo album of my family from when I was much younger.  I think that photos are a good way to keep memories and to learn things that I was too young to remember.

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