Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dream Big

  • To strengthen your creative problem-solving skills so that you are looking at things in a different way;
  • To find letters of the alphabet in everyday objects to create a word.

Hannah and I faced a lot of difficulties while trying to both find the letters and to put them together on the poster. One of our biggest difficulties was trying to find the letter "g." It was the last one we were able to find, we didn't find it until day three of looking and trying to gather images. We also found it difficult to put all of our letters together. This was difficult because some of the letters were so wide that when we printed them off of iPhoto they printed with the width at 7" instead of the height. We figured out that we had to put the image into pages and measure the height out there. With the width being very large on some of them, originally not all of the letters fit onto the poster so, we had to trim the photos on the edges.
I think that one of the biggest successes of this project was when you found a letter when you weren't even looking for one. This happened to us, we were sitting in class and there were stools upside down on the table in front of us and we realized they looked just like the letter "A." Another success was the feeling that you got at the end of the project. This is because while working on the project, we never seemed to really be able to find a letter that looked just how we wanted it to. So when at the end when the poster was put together, you could tell what it said, it felt very successful.

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