Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Famous Photographers

Photographers from our past and present

       The top photograph I find very interesting for many reasons.  I think that the most interesting thing about it is the unnatural sense of balance that it holds.  One thing that the photographer is known for is using an uncanny sense of balance which I think that this photo really shows.  The bottom photograph I also find very interesting.  I think that the subject just really catches your eye and makes you really think about it.  One thing that I find particularly interesting about it is how that I am still not exactly sure what the subject is trying to convey, whether she is just deep in thought, or upset about something.
        This project as a whole was very inspiring.  I thought that looking through all of the images and seeing this amazing work really makes me want to explore more into the world of photography and try new things.  Based off of the images above some new things that I could try to convey in my photographs could be really trying to set the image up to be unusual, like having that odd sense of balance.  Something that the photographer of the bottom image, Imogen Cunningham, makes me want to do in my future work is really dig deep into my camera settings.  In my settings I could try and use a very low aperture to get the image clear and crisp, or I could try and use soft edges to give the photo an entirely different feel.

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