Thursday, May 14, 2015


Cindy Sherman:
        Cindy Sherman is a different kind of person.  Some might say she has a kind of twisted mind. Sherman changed her path in college when she was going into painting, but changed her mind to do photography. In her photography she focuses on the role of women and the role of artists. Sherman reveals her identity in many ways through her photography. First she reveals her photography by having many self portraits. Another way that she reveals her identity is in the other things that she photographs that show what she is feeling in her mind, like how she interprets the role of women.
         Cindy Sherman's photos are very unique. Sherman photographs a lot of twisted photographs.  Many of them are grotesque or sexual. These photos are supposed to be confusing for the viewer. The photos make you question yourself and Cindy Sherman.  I think that these confusing photos really make you think about the identity of Sherman, and that is part of her identity.

Brandon Stanton:
        Brandon Stanton is a photographer who photographs the daily lives of New Yorkers.  He reveals a lot about his identity in his photography.  One of the things that you can get out of his photography is that he really cares.  When you look at what he does and the stories he tells about the people you get a sense of who he is and how he works. He always seems to care a lot about the people he works with and wants the best for them which I think says a lot about him.
       His photography is very unique.  Stanton takes many pictures of various people in New York. He finds people who look unique, vulnerable, and even people who just look normal. From these people, he gets a story about them to go with his picture to make people think.  His photos make you really think and know not to judge a book by its cover.

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