Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pinhole Camera

A pinhole camera is a camera that has no lens and just a pinhole aperture.

I learned a lot of things about creating pinhole images.  This first thing that I learned is about the process of taking the photo. The person you are taking a photo of has to be very still in order for the image to come out clear.  Also you have to find the perfect exposure time so that the image doesn't come out over exposed or under exposed.  For our images we ranged from our exposure being 30 seconds to 40 seconds. I also learned that you have to be very careful about making sure that the shutter and lid are on tight to let in no extra light. You also have to make sure that the light sensitive is in the middle of the pinhole for the image to come out right.

The other things that I learned during this project was about the developing of the image.  First I learned about the light sensitive paper and how the chemicals on it work. I learned that the paper is not sensitive to red light so that inside the dark room there are red lights instead of normal ones.  Also I learned that in order for the image to show up on the paper it has to go through the developer, fixer, stop bath, and then water. What we figured out while developing our images was that we needed to adjust our exposure time. When the image came out too dark it needed less exposure time, and when it came out too white then we needed a longer exposure time.

I really enjoyed this project. I think that it was really fun to work with a partner and try to figure everything out about the camera.  It was really fun to explore the exposure times and different things to do with the camera. One thing that we tried to do but weren't successful with was ghosting.  We tried this twice, one time the exposure time was too long so the photo didn't work in general.  The other time we tried this, I was the subject and was in the photo for too long so I did not come out like a ghost.

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